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Directed by John Hollinger
n by Paul Rudnick


Performance Dates:
May 3
, 4 ,& 5
May 10, 11, & 12


Producer: Bob McFarland
Stage Manager: Chris Cain

TICKETS Go On Sale March 21, 2024!


Two Dates to Audition:

Sunday, February 18, 2 pm-5 pm


Monday, February 19, 7 pm-9 pm


Please bring your completed audition form which can be downloaded from this page.


All audition requirements and details are listed in the form along with the rehearsal schedule and performance schedule. 


Location of Auditions:

Auditions will be held at the LOW Community Center in

Marion Pronk Hall located inside the

LOW Community Center. 110 Sweetbriar Park Road, Locust Grove, Virginia.

As its title suggests, Paul Rudnick's 1991 play I Hate Hamlet deals with the question of just how relevant William Shakespeare's Hamlet is for modern audiences. The play centers around a young actor who has just earned fame and fortune on a television show about doctors and is apprehensive about returning to New York to play Hamlet in the prestigious Shakespeare in Central Park festival.

To add to his insecurities, his realtor has rented him an apartment once inhabited by John Barrymore, who many consider to have given one of the greatest performances of Hamlet in the twentieth century. A séance brings the ghost of John Barrymore back to the apartment where he once lived. Barrymore offers guidance to the young actor, who has to decide between the easy money that he could make with a new television series and the confidence to be gained by facing the world's most difficult acting challenge.

Rudnick fills the play with laughs, as he lightly satirizes greedy realtors, vacuous Hollywood producers, pretentious but well-meaning actresses, and hard-drinking, womanizing actors.

CHARACTERS...coming soon

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To Be Cast

Andrew Rally

image (1)hamlet.retouched..png

To Be Cast

Felicia Dantine 

image (1)hamlet.retouched..png

To Be Cast

John Barrymore 

image (1)hamlet.retouched..png

To Be Cast

Lillian Troy 

image (1)hamlet.retouched..png

To Be Cast

Deidre McDavey 

image (1)hamlet.retouched..png

To Be Cast

Gary Peter Lefkowitz 



John Hollinger



Bob McFarland


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To Be Announced

Assistant Director

chris cain.20230319-_DSC3195-Edit.jpg

Chris Cain

Stage Manager

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